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How to Plan a Wedding in 2020 and Beyond at the Lightner Museum

How to plan a wedding in 2020 and beyond at the Lightner Museum

If you do a search on Google for “how to plan a wedding,” about two gazillion blog articles pop up–often written by well-known wedding brands like, Here Comes the Guide, and The Knot. These articles often include a tidy little wedding checklist, wedding timeline, and/or simple advice on how to plan the perfect wedding.

However, the events of 2020 have forever influenced what it means to plan a wedding…and things are continuing to change. No longer does wedding planning fit into a tidy little wedding checklist or timeline.

Couples are tweaking the plans they may have once had for their big day, and throwing out some long-held beliefs on what a wedding “should” look and feel like. Wedding vendors are also working hard to adjust their offerings and services to fit what couples today want and need.


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Here at the Lightner Museum, and at our sister property, The Treasury on the Plaza, we are still on the path to figuring out what all of these changes mean for us, for our couples, and for the wedding industry.

We are starting a new blog series to delve deeper into what it means to plan a wedding in a COVID-impacted world…and beyond. What are our couples and vendors feeling and going through? What areas of wedding planning are “business-as-usual” and where are we all navigating new wedding planning waters?

We’ll be interviewing our couples and vendors about the different stages in the wedding planning process. Our expert team of vendors always provides a wealth of invaluable information. We can’t wait to hear from them! But we are most excited to hear from the couples who are going through, or have recently gone through, the process of planning a wedding in the current climate. Right now YOU are truly the best resources, and we want to share what you’ve learned with other couples!

Here are a few of the topics we’re planning on covering:


Getting Started: How to plan a wedding


Assembling the perfect vendor team for your wedding:


Wedding planning questions and challenges:

  • How to create a wedding website and communicate with wedding guests
  • Creating a digital wedding registry
  • Social media and wedding planning
  • Staying physically healthy for the wedding
  • Dealing with wedding stress: family dynamics, relationship challenges, and unforeseen circumstances
  • How to obtain a marriage license
  • Choosing your perfect bar service for your wedding day and what to expect at a bar tasting
  • What to do in the final weeks and months before the wedding

…and much more!


Get Involved in the "How to plan a wedding in 2020 and beyond at the Lightner Museum" Blog Series
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Get involved with our “How to Plan a Wedding in 2020 and Beyond” Series!

Did you recently get married? Are you a couple in the midst of planning your wedding? We would love to interview you and get your feedback on how things are going!






There are some very beautiful, positive things that have come out of the crazy year that is 2020. Think about it; has there ever been more clarity about things and people who matter most in your world?

There is so much to look forward to in the future. People are still falling in love. Couples are still getting engaged. Weddings and events are still getting planned. It may just look a little bit different from how it looked a year ago. We can’t wait to explore what that means along with all of you!


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