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Meet the Team | Kelly Hale | Senior Wedding & Event Sales Manager

When we think of the passionate heart of our team here at The Treasury Venue Collection, we think of Kelly Hale. Kelly is always a source of positivity and love. She cares deeply about the happiness of our couples. We are so lucky to have her as our Senior Wedding and Event Sales Manager. 


When you are a newly engaged couple, there are so many important decisions to make during the early stages of wedding planning. As a part of our sales team, Kelly is here to answer questions and guide couples as they go about choosing their dream wedding venue. As a former teacher, Kelly has the patience and personality that goes perfectly with the needs of these couples. 


Kelly moved to St. Augustine almost two years ago with her husband to be closer to family. She fell in love with this small, historic town right away! Find out a little more about Kelly, and why she loves what she does as a Senior Wedding and Event Sales Manager for The Treasury Venue Collection.


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Tip From Our Pro:

“Make sure you take time to plan your future together”


Can you tell us a little bit about your background before you started working at The Treasury Collection? How did you become involved in the wedding industry? 

“I started out as a high school teacher and I did that for about six years. I helped out with the high school yearbook and then I went into sales for the yearbook company. When my husband and I moved here, I was very open to new possibilities. Friends of the family told us that The Treasury was growing, and in need of someone with sales experience. As someone who was engaged and planning her own wedding, working at a wedding venue sounded really interesting. I have also always loved love, so it was a perfect fit!”


How did you come to be in St. Augustine? What do you love about living here? 

“My husband and I moved here almost two years ago because we have family here. His brother attended Flagler College and never left. We always visited and loved the city, so we finally decided to move here. What we adore about St. Augustine is that has a small-town feel, but there is a lot to do: the beach, the food, and the music keep things interesting, and the tourists bring a lot of positive energy!”


Bride and Groom in Front of the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine
Photo by Monarch Studios


What is your favorite thing about working with couples at The Lightner Museum and The Treasury on the Plaza? Is there a part of the sales process that you really love? 

“I love being with couples and feeling the newly-engaged excitement. There are so many emotions: nervousness, excitement, and even fear. I love guiding couples through that process and providing them with emotional support. Most of the time that fear comes from the unknown, so I love educating them on the process of choosing the perfect venue.” 


Do you have a favorite memory while working at The Treasury Venue Collection? 

“This past Christmas, we had a team luncheon. A few guests joined us, including Father Tom from the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine.  He gave an impromptu speech about the impact our venues have on our community. All of the businesses and services here in St. Augustine are so interconnected; when one does well, it has a positive influence on so many other areas. It’s been amazing to see how St. Augustine has grown along with the growth of the wedding industry. It was a beautiful and unique reminder of the importance of what we do here!”


Bride and Groom wedding photos in downtown St Augustine Florida
Photo by Isaac Dean Photography


Why do you think couples should choose the Lightner Museum for their wedding day? 

“Everyone on our team cares so much. We are all about service, a thousand percent. The Lightner Museum is such a unique experience for guests. With the different levels, they get to go from a wedding ceremony in the Historic Pool, to cocktail hour in the stunning Grand Lobby. When they come back to dinner on the Mezzanine, the space is totally transformed. Dancing in the Historic Pool after dinner is so fun! How many couples can say that they had a “pool party” on their wedding day?” 


What advice would you give to couples as they start their wedding venue search? 

“Other people are going to want to give their own opinion. It is important to first focus on what you and your partner want. A good idea is to write it down and refer back to it later”.


What surprised you the most about your own wedding planning experience? 

“Everyone says it goes by fast; it comes up so quickly. Many of the wedding planning cliches are true, but this one in particular still surprised me on my wedding day. People say the day goes by so quickly because it really does.”


Couple on the bridge at the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine
Photo by Infinite Focus


What relationship advice would you offer a newly engaged or newly married couple? 

“Communicate, communicate, communicate, and communicate some more. Take time to dream about the future together”.


What is your favorite day of the week and why? 

“I used to say Fridays were my favorite days of the week, because I liked to go out and have fun on the weekend with all of my friends. But now Monday is my favorite day of the week because it is a new beginning to a new chapter; a new week, and a new me”.


If you were stranded on a desert island, what or who would you bring with you? 

“I would bring my husband because, well I would be very lonely and I would miss him. He is also very handy, so he would know what to do. He is currently very active in building our house, so I know he would be perfect to help build us a shelter!”


Wedding photos in front of the fort in St Augustine Florida
Photo by Nicole Piper Photography


What is your spirit animal and why?

“Who am I? Right now I am really into birds, specifically herons. They are just so cute and not afraid of other animals–unlike other birds who get spooked so easily. They like the beach, they can fly, and they like to walk in the water.”


Wedding Photos at the Lightner Museum St. Augustine
Photo by Dana Goodson Photography



Kelly is so excited to meet you and learn more about your dream wedding! To learn more about the Lightner Museum and schedule your tour, click the link below.


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