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She is fun! She is bubbly! Her Pug and Boston Terrier are the loves of her life! She is one of our incredibly talented Wedding and Event Managers. Meet Katie Noble!


Katie moved to the St. Augustine area about a year ago from Washington D.C. and has fallen head over heels for our historic little town. (Who wouldn’t?!) Get to know Katie, what she does, and a few of the reasons why she loves her job as a Wedding and Event Manager at the Lightner Museum!


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“There’s nothing that makes me happier than making people happy”


Tell us why you chose to become a wedding and event manager.

There’s nothing that makes me happier than making people happy! I’ve worked in a handful of different roles within the event management field and, by far, doing weddings and events with The Treasury Venue Collection is the most rewarding job I have experienced.”


Can you recall a specific memory from a wedding that left you grateful for what you do?

“There are so many. I do remember an instance where I had a bride walk in after I had just finished setting up her bubbly bar. It was just the two of us and she broke down in tears of pure happiness. That was probably the rawest, most emotional moment I was able to experience with a bride. It was pretty indescribable.”


What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

“My favorite part of a wedding day is seeing a bride’s dress for the first time! Throughout the planning process, I love to imagine the style each bride will wear. When I finally get to see the dress for the first time during a pre-wedding portrait session, or before the bride walks down the aisle, it’s always fun to see if what I imagined was correct. The majority of the time I’m totally wrong and super surprised! Either way, I usually end up in tears because of how beautiful and happy each bride looks on her wedding day.”


Bridal Suite Photo at the Lightner Museum
Photo by NicolePiperPhotography


What is your favorite memory from a Lightner Museum wedding thus far?

“I have a lot of favorite memories from Lightner Museum weddings, but there is a part of all of our events that usually gets me. At the Lightner Museum, the second-floor Mezzanine gives a perfect view of the first dance and many of the other special and timeless moments of a wedding. Seeing the guests lean over the balcony or line the stairwell to watch over our couples is such a unique experience. It must be an incredible feeling for a bride or groom to look up and be surrounded by all of their family, friends, and loved ones! It also creates beautiful photo opportunities!”


Wedding Ceremony in the Historic Pool
Photo by Naomi Lynn Photography


Wedding Reception in the Historic Pool
Photo by Sunglow Photography


Why should a couple choose to have their wedding at the Lightner Museum?

“The Lightner Museum is just a really unique wedding venue. It can be completely transformed on the day of your wedding. The coquina walls with tall ceilings supported by thick pillars are such a grand setting. The venue can go from a blank slate, to whatever you have envisioned for your perfect day. The Historic Pool looks spectacular when you add lounge furniture or other personalized decor. Adding lighting, such as colored uplighting or string lighting (done through a third-party company), can help complete your overall vision. You can’t go wrong by having a beautiful, historic venue to begin with.


I also love when couples choose a band for their entertainment at the Lightner Museum. The open floor plan of the Historic Pool allows for a very large (10-12 piece) band, and the space has great acoustics. With the multiple levels and tall ceilings, you feel like you are literally in a concert hall. ”



Wedding Reception in Lightner Museum Historic Pool
Photo by Ariel Cuello Photography


Wedding Reception in The Lightner Museum Historic Pool
Photo by Stout Photography


What separates St. Augustine weddings from any other destination?

“St. Augustine is a small, hospitality-driven town. There is a beautiful historic college, historic buildings, a fun nightlife, and adorable downtown–not to mention the beach! I came here from Washington D.C., which is huge by comparison. There was always so much going on, but it never felt like it was the best city for weddings; corporate events and huge social events really took over. Here in St. Augustine, we have that small town charm that provides not only the dream wedding location, but also an overall entertainment-filled experience.”


The Fort | St. Augustine


Flagler College | Courtyard


St. Augustine | Beach Pier


What advice would you give couples on their wedding day?

“To be as present as possible during the planning process and on your wedding day. It’s so easy to get flustered and frustrated, but it really is supposed to be an amazing and fun time! It can be easy to get caught up in the little planning details, but try to focus on those big “wow” moments. For example, we had a couple choose to bring in a Prince impersonator for their reception. Moments like that are going to be remembered and talked about by guests long after the day is over. Figure out what is important to you, and try to hone in on that.


Wedding planning is not just about the big day–it’s about the journey. Throughout the planning process, try to jot down stories in a journal or take a picture of the happy times. Pack these memories in your honeymoon bag! You’re guaranteed to look back on these moments and either laugh or smile. It also makes a fun little surprise for your new spouse once your wedding day has passed.”


Cocktail Hour on the Outdoor Terrace at the Lightner Museum
Photo by Naomi Lynn Photography


The Lightner Museum | Grand Exit
Photo by Dana Goodson Photography


Katie and the rest of our team are so excited to make your dream wedding day a reality. Contact us at the link below to get started!


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