Many of our couples at the Lightner Museum debate the need for a videographer on their wedding day. We get it! There are so many things to plan, and so many other vendors to hire, that it can be easy to start thinking that a videographer might be just one more unneeded expense. So why do we highly recommend that you have a videographer on your wedding day? We’re so glad you asked! With the help of Brady Bigalke of First Sight Films, we’re sharing the top 5 reasons you need a wedding videographer.




1. Invest In Your Memories


There are not many occasions throughout your life that will call for a filmmaker to beautifully put together a story tailored specifically for your love. Incorporating a videographer to film your wedding is not just another service to purchase for the big day, but an opportunity to preserve a memory that can be forever cherished.



Hayley + Jake’s Wedding at the Lightner Museum by First Sight Films



2. See The Parts You Missed


You spend months or maybe years planning your perfect wedding day, and before you know it, the day is gone in the blink of an eye. As a bride, you may never see the sweet smile on your groom’s face as he anxiously waits to see you walk down the aisle. A photographer may not capture the look on your father’s face as he emotionally hands off his little girl. Those moments pass so quickly. Incorporating a videographer ensures you won’t miss out on all of these unseen, yet sentimental moments.



Caitlin + Will’s Lightner Museum Wedding by First Sight Films



3. Pictures Are Not Enough


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but some of life’s moments can only truly be captured by video. Think about hearing your mother’s reassuring words as she gives you that final zip of your gown before walking down the aisle. What about seeing those first dance moves that you spent hours and hours practicing? Don’t you want to watch little ole’ grandma bust out her big moves on the dance floor in years to come?! A still image cannot catch the auditory or animated moments that video is able to bring to life. An experienced filmmaker is able to discretely use low profile microphones throughout your wedding to best commemorate the memories that photographs cannot catch.




Becca + Chris’ Lightner Museum Wedding by First Sight Films



4. It Only Happens Once


It would be a shame to walk away from your wedding day with any regrets. According to, 35% of couples wish they hired a videographer, and 25% of couples wish they budgeted more money towards the same purpose. You do not want to miss out on having the ability to rewatch that hilarious best man speech, or the emotional exchange of your beautifully written vows. There is no going back once the day is over. Not having footage of such cherished memories would be a shame!



Stacey + Nathaniel’s Lightner Museum Wedding by First Sight Films


5. Sharing Is A Breeze


Whether you are a tech-savvy internet guru or more clueless than a caveman, sharing your wedding video is now easier than ever. Videographers have perfected the process of allowing everyone to feel as though they were part of the big day. With the takeover of social media platforms, videographers have provided the ability to share different versions of the wedding videos to better suit each platform. For example, videographers can create shorter one-minute versions of videos to preview on Instagram, while also sharing lengthier versions for other outlets such as Facebook or Dropbox. Share your love story with friends and family with only a few simple clicks.



Venus + Sam’s Wedding at the Lightner Museum by First Sight Films


First Sight Films is currently offering a special for all Lightner Museum couples! For more information, or to see examples of their work, check out these links: Website, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.



5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Videographer With Brady Bigalke of First Sight Films

Photo by Rob Futrell



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