Other than the dance floor, the most visited spot of your reception is undoubtedly the wedding bar. From cocktail hour to champagne toasts, you and your guests will be vibing (and imbibing) at the bar all night long, so make sure it stands out!

We’ve put together our top wedding bar tips and décor ideas to make your wedding bar one of the highlights of your big day!


two cocktails resting on personalized wedding napkins

Carlie and Jack served delicious signature cocktails during their wedding reception. | Photo: Ashley Steeby


Create a Signature Cocktail

At the Lightner Museum, a complimentary bar tasting is included with every wedding package



This is your chance to sample the choices from our beverage packages, decide on a drink menu, and even work with one of our bartenders to create a signature cocktail just for you.

Whether you’re inspired by your pet, a favorite travel destination, or simply want to feature a unique flavor, we’ll help you craft a drink that’s sure to lift your spirits!


customized wedding cocktail menu featuring "his" and "hers" drinks

Not only did Chandler and Matthew have a “his” and “hers” specialty drink, they also had a drink named after their dog Lucca! | Photo: Meagan Gaines Photography


Offer a Specialty Bar

Got a favorite drink? Our Specialty Bars put an exciting new twist on a beloved flavor, allowing your guests to experience something totally unique! From margaritas to martinis, you and your guests will be able to whip up their own custom libations.

Choose from the following, or talk to our team about customizing a bar around your favorite drink.

  • Margarita Bar
  • Old-Fashioned Bar
  • Sangria Bar
  • Martini Bar
  • Mojito Bar
  • Sweetini Bar
  • Cordial Bar
  • Bubbly Bar
  • Welcome to the South Bar



We also have several customizable mocktail options available for non-drinkers.


Trinity and Christian's mocktail menu

Trinity and Christian served tasty and fun mocktails during their wedding reception at the Lightner Museum | Photo: NS Photobook


Upgrade Your Drink

When it comes to a fun wedding bar experience, taste is only half of the equation. Take your drink up a notch with an upgrade that they’ll never forget!

Crown your drink with a smoke-filled cocktail bubble or a flavored sugar rim.



Infuse a traditional Old-Fashioned with smoky flavor or add edible glitter for some extra sparkle.



Looking for an exotic fruit or flavor? Want to add cotton candy for a touch of whimsy? The choices are endless!



Display Champagne In Style

A glass of champagne is an easy way to add a sense of glamour to any occasion—and weddings are no exception!

A champagne tower is a beloved classic that’s sure to impress during the night’s first toast.


Janine and Daniel pouring champagne into the champagne tower

Janine and Daniel’s champagne tower was the perfect focal point for their reception. | Photo: We Are the Bowsers


What if you have your heart set on something a bit more unique? With our Lightner Luxe package, you’ll not only get some incredible décor upgrades, you’ll also have access to our greenery champagne walls. Guests can grab a drink (or two!) at their leisure as they enter your wedding reception.


greenery wall to display glasses of champagne

By having a champagne wall at their reception, Isabelle and Daniel’s ensured that guests had zero wait time to grab their first drink. | Photo: Grace Ann Rae Photos


Bring Your Drinks To Life With a Living Champagne Wall

A living champagne wall is one surefire way to give your guests “white glove service” in every sense of the word!

When you and your guests arrive at your reception, a hand will emerge from the vine-covered wall with a glass of champagne at the ready.


multiple hands reaching through greenery wall to offer champagne

Samantha and Steven’s living champagne wall was such a fun touch at their wedding reception. | Photo: We Are the Bowsers


Relax With Tableside Wine or Champagne Service

For some people, sitting down to relax and chat over dinner is the most enjoyable part of a wedding.

With tableside wine or champagne service, guests can sip on the perfect beverage without interrupting the conversation.


wedding guests raising glasses for a toast

Alexandra and Joseph’s guests had drinks at the ready for toasts and speeches. | Photo: Life & Love Studio


Make Beautiful Signage

Gorgeous wedding bar décor can elevate the look of your entire reception.

List menu options and signature cocktail offerings on stunning signage that blends with your existing reception décor.

Genevieve Mangini, Senior Event manager at the Lightner Museum says that bar signage is “a “must have” to help show your guests what is available to order. Signage is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s functional as well. Mangini adds, “Bar signage helps limit the time waiting in lines, as your guests will already know what they can and cannot order by the time they get up to the bar.”


Wedding Bar at the Lightner Museum

Paige and Sean chose to display a large banner on their wedding bar to help guests see all of their amazing alcohol options.  | Photo: Angelita Esparar Photography


minimal black and white bar menu

Morgan and Michael’s bar signage was classy, modern, and easy to read.  | Photo: Janelle Elise Photography


Design options are limitless when it comes to bar signage. For a more traditional look, opt for simple black and white acrylic, like in the example shown above from Morgan and Michael’s wedding at the Lightner Museum. Do you prefer a more playful vibe? Watercolor paintings of your signature cocktails (or your furry friends that inspired them) add a fun touch.


wedding bar menu sign with customized drinks honoring the couples' pets

Kaela and Joey’s bar signage featuring their pets was the perfect touch on their bar. | Photo: Meagan Gaines Photography


Sit & Sip With a Lounge Area

From start to finish, your wedding day will feel like a whirlwind. We always recommend that our couples take a few minutes to fully appreciate their wedding day, and everything leading up to it.

Lounge seating is the perfect place to sit and drink it all in!

After the ceremony, the Lighter Museum team will transform the Historic Pool into the perfect party atmosphere, complete with a comfortable lounge area, if you choose to have one! Whether taking a break from dancing or just taking it all in, this is the ideal spot to sip and savor the day.


bride and groom sharing a private toast on white couches

Micaela and Brian enjoyed a moment of peace together to relax and enjoy their signature cocktails before their reception began. | Photo: Devon Donnahoo Photography


Raise a Glass!

At the Lightner Museum, no detail of your wedding is too small to be overlooked.

From the first sips at the cocktail hour to the final toast of the evening, your bar goes a long way toward making your event feel like a celebration.

For more fun bar inspiration and cocktail examples, check out this playlist on YouTube!

We love seeing the amazing flavor combinations and display ideas that our couples choose, and we’re always excited to try something new! If you’re already booked with us, reach out to the events team at events@thetreasurycollection.com to discuss your bar options.

Are you still on the hunt for your perfect wedding venue? Take a virtual tour of this historic gem or schedule a visit to see it in person. Contact our team at (904) 217-0077 or email us at info@lightnerweddings.com.

We can’t wait to meet you!



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